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【イギリス・ヨーク大学】Study-Abroad Report


Study-Abroad Report

Student summary: University of York Online Programme

Language and culture

In culture and language we learnt about Family life in Britain, Journal about difference about culture between Japan and the UK, and British foods. One of the most useful activities in this component was to know and understand each country’s culture. The most interesting thing we learnt was that Japan is a little bit similar to the UK.


Language and Creativity

The most important things are value and originality. We learnt many creativity skills. For example, Connecting and Combining, Reframing, Challenging assumptions, Paying attention and Attitude. In addition, we learnt not only skills but also brainstorming. It is the method to come up with the idea. It’s like a routine. This course helped us to think creatively.

(訳)一番大事なことは価値と独創性です。私たちはたくさんの創造的なスキルを学びました。例えば、Connecting and combining、Reframing、Challenge assumptions、Paying attention、Attitudeです。加えて、私達はスキルだけではなくブレインストームも学びました。それはアイデアを思いつくための方法で、ルーティンのようなものです。このコースは私達に独創的なアイデアを思いつくように補助してくれました。

Language and employability

During the employability skills component, each student was introduced to 9 York strengths, which are highly regarded by global employers. A strength is something which you are capable at and really enjoy doing. Each student chose their own realised strength and their own emerging strength. At the end of this component, each student spoke about their strengths and their SMART plans for developing one of their strengths.

(訳) Employability skillの授業の中で、それぞれの学生は国際的な雇用者によって高く評価された9つのヨークの強みを紹介されました。強みとは、自分にとって得意なこと且つ、楽しめるものです。それぞれの学生は各々が持つ、手にした強みと現在、表れている強みを選びました。この構成の最後に、それぞれの学生が強みや彼らの発展途中の強みに関するSMART plansについて話しました。

We learned york strengths: Agile Learner, Digital Connector,  Authentic Communicator, Self-improver, Organisational Fit Seeker,  Pioneering Thinker, Problem Solver, Relationship Builder, Resilient Achiever.  One of the most useful activities was making a development grid. 

(訳)私たちはyork strengthsについて学びました。Agile Learner, Digital Connector,  Authentic Communicator, Self-improver, Organisational Fit Seeker,  Pioneering Thinker, Problem Solver, Relationship Builder, Resilient Achiever.  最も役に立った活動の1つに、自己分析グラフを描くものがありました。

Student Experience

Different students appreciated different parts of the course. Most students said that the most useful part of the course was learning about the different creativity sub-skills. In particular, students enjoyed doing the mini-tasks, where they worked together in groups to provide creative solutions to problems. Some students mentioned they really liked doing the culture research project.

Some students said the most enjoyable part of the course was speaking to other students from different countries in the International Conversation lessons.


Collaboratively written by BABA Tatsuomi, EBARA Shoto, ENYA Yuri, HIGUCHI Ami, HIROMOTO Yu, KOYAMA Mai, MUKAI Kazuma, NAKAZAKI Ami, NAMURA Shuki, OGAWA Taise, OHARA Misaki, SUMIDA Kengo, TSURU Kimika and YAMANAMI Noa with support from Tudor Parsons.

Translated by OGAWA Taise, ENYA Yuri, EBARA Shotoand HIGUCHI Amii.